Rusty Quill Ltd.

Rusty Quill Ltd. is a London-based UK entertainment production company and podcast network I founded in 2015.

It specialises in the creation of original new media shows, providing a platform for new creative voices, particularly those who have poor representation in more established media.

It also provides experience and employment opportunities for those seeking to break into media and entertainment, particularly those who would have difficulty in more established companies due to their personal circumstances.
Since creating the company I have acted as its CEO and Creative Director overseeing the creation of multiple hit shows including:

The Magnus Archives – A weekly horror fiction anthology podcast examining what lurks in the archives of The Magnus Institute.

Outliers – A selection of historic fiction stories from award-winning contemporary writers, produced in association with Historic Royal Palaces.

Rusty Quill Gaming – An “Actual Play” RPG gaming podcast featuring comedians, improvisers, gamers and writers.

All our regular content is free to view, listen to and share but we do also offer standard commission-based work on request and Patreon supporters have access to additional backer-only content.

Be sure to check out the Rusty Quill Website for more info.